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All Saints tradicional product made of almond, sugar, egg and different flavours: pine nuts, cinnamon, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, egg, strawberry, lemon, orange, moscatell, almond, hazelnut, quince, pralin, coconut or anise. Choose your box:

Pine nuts panellets: 300 g / 500 g / 1 kg

Assorted panellets  300 g (includes 12 assorted panellets aprox. and 2 pine nuts panellets)

Assorted panellets  500 g (includes 22 assorted panellets aprox. and 3 pine nuts panellets)

Assorted panellets  1 kg (includes 44 assorted panellets aprox. and 6 pine nuts panellets)

ATENTION! Some flavours are sold out.