Pine nuts panellets all year!

Although they are a typical food for All Saints ’Day  ( when we make many types of them) at Pastisseria La Colmena we have pine nut panellets 365 days a year.

The ingredients are almond, sugar, egg and country pine nuts. They are sweet, with a crunchy texture of roasted pine nuts on the outside and soft marzipan on the inside.

We cut and round them by hand, so they are never all the same size. At Pastisseria La Colmena we like to make them rather small in size because they are more pleasant to eat. It is traditional to accompany them with a sweet wine and chestnuts.

If you need to make a gift our metal boxes are ideal, come in about 16 units and we have 5 different designs for all tastes.

Without a doubt, they are usually the favorites of most. But during the panellet season (between late October and early November) we make panellets of all flavors: cinnamon, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, egg yolk, strawberry, lemon, orange, muscat, almond, hazelnut, burnt cream, bones of sant, quince, praline, coconut or anise.

In addition, you can see more information about the panels on our blog.